NCRC Trackday Pictures Thunderhill – September 11 2017

These pictures were taken from the Northern California Racing Club (NCRC) track day at ThunderHill in between instructing sessions on September 11th, 2017.

If you decide to remove the watermark, please link to this site, or tag Motorcycles for Short Riders Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram to provide picture credit.  I am not a professional photographer like Dito from, nor am I affiliated with them.  However, if interested in higher res pictures without watermarks, I encourage you to support those who go out of there way every day to take pictures at the track.  Pictures from the official photographer can be found here.

If interested purchasing any of the full resolution images on this page, include your vehicle # and email


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Driving at the track is exciting, and if you’re looking to step up the excitement, riding a motorcycle is quite possibly the most exciting thing one can do with their clothes on.  While not just for short riders, this side is dedicated to helping new riders get on their feet with the following guides:


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