Inspirational Short Riders

In riding, there is no minimum height. Doubters and haters come in all shapes and sizes, and have created perceptions that certain riders are too short or not strong enough to handle motorcycles. If someone makes the false claim that you’re too short to ride a motorcycle, point them to this page to see how inseam challenged riders have gone on to see success at the highest levels of riding.

Short Riders who’ve made a mark

Danny Pedrosa – 5’2 – World class MotoGP racer

Anyone who says that short people can’t ride, obviously haven’t seen what’s been happening over the past decade in the premier motorcycle racing series, MotoGP.


Although some may mock his charisma during interviews, there’s no doubt this man knows how to push a motorcycle to the limit.  Being shorter means that all things being equal, you weighs less, your body is more aerodynamic and by overcoming challenges which others don’t face, will be an even more complete rider.

Elena Myers – 5’3

The first female to win a professional motorsports race of any kind, the grueling Daytona 200.  


Infamous YouTubers

Showing how its done – riding a heavy adventure bike with a 35.2″ seat height.

Riding is exhilarating, and inherently dangerous. Due to centrifugal forces, the faster one goes, the most stable their motorcycle becomes.

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