Frequently Asked Questions


The average motorcyle is made for a rider who is 5’8.  What happens when you a mass produced, fun educing machine isn’t made in your size?  You adapt!  Find your inspiration to ride today.

What are the best motorcycles for short riders? 

The best motorcycles for vertically challenged new riders are relatively light, have low seat heights, and relatively narrow seats.  See our guide for What to Look for in Your 1st Motorcycle – Short Rider Edition and our Top 10 Motorcycles for Short New Riders

How tall do you have to be to ride a motorcycle? 

Tall enough to be able to reach controls on both sides of the handlebars while standing up.  This badass below uses the side dismount technique to great effect.

short rider side dismount technique

That said, a more conventional way to sitting on a motorcycle at a stop is on the seat.  One way to get a sense of how a motorcycle will fit you can be found at, which simulates how a rider would sit on a bike both while at a stop, as well as in a typical riding position.

cycle ergo screenshot


What is “Flat footing”

Flat footing is being able to get both heel’s onto the pavement while sitting on a motorcycle.

flat foot technique for stopped motorcycle

Do I need to be able to flat foot a bike to ride?

It is a ‘nice to have’ ability, but far from necessary to enjoy riding a motorcycle.  With the right techniques, anyone with a certain level of coordination can ride any motorcycle they choose.

What if I drop my bike, is it true that in order to ride a bike, you have to be able to pick it up?

First off, hopefully you’ll be able to keep your bike shiny side up, but if not, the right technique will allow the shortest of riders to pick up just about any motorcycle.




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