about the author for motorcycles for short riderswriter and webmaster Hideki Maniwa

Motorcycles for Short Riders writer and webmaster, Hideki Maniwa

My name is Hideki Maniwa.  I’ve ridden motorcycles over 10 years, and have been short my whole life.

After a bit of success racing motorcycles for few seasons with HdK Racing, and helping businesses grow as a marketing professional, I created this site to be a premier resource to help short riders more successfully and safely enjoy bikes.

Vertically challenged riders experience additional challenges that taller riders would never consider, but tend to have advantages as well:

  • Lighter- Less weight means being able to go faster, as well as turn more quickly
  • Faster – Being more streamlined on a motorcycle creates less wind resistance, allowing one to go faster
  • Can ride any bike – Unlike taller riders, short riders are less likely to feel cramped like an economy class airplane seat

For more info about how short riders can make the most of a two wheel lifestyle, check out our guides now!